BRISBANE, Australia July 20, 2019 — Humanity Health Group today announced the appointment of Amanda Lacey as Chief Executive Office of our NDIS services business, Care Squared. Care Squared is powered by Humanity Health Group.

“We are very pleased to welcome Amanda to Humanity Health Group,” said Group CEO Fred Cicchini. “Over the past 12 months we have worked to establish a strong framework and the systems needed for Care Squared’s fast-growing, participant-focussed services. Amanda is an outstanding addition to our management team and will be a great asset for the Care Squared brand as we embark on our next stage of growth.”

Amanda is an occupational therapist with close to 20 years of clinical experience, ranging from hospital to community to workplace rehabilitation. She has also held various leadership roles including as a health and safety superintendent in the mining sector and state operational manager for a workplace rehabilitation provider. Amanda is passionate about empowering people to be as independent as possible in their home and the community. She believes in building an organisation that consistently delivers on the values of care, integrity and quality of service provision to all participants.

Connect with Amanda via her LinkedIn profile here.

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