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At Care Squared Kids, we know that a child’s brain is developing rapidly, with many new connections made every day. In fact, research tells us that children often make their greatest gains in skill development during this time!

At Care Squared Kids, we want to support your child during this rapid development time and enhance their learning and skills in functional areas of their life. This might include social interaction, activities of daily living, play, speech and language, emotional regulation, as well as their motor skills. And have we like to have fun along the way!

Our purpose is…

To understand your child’s needs, within their family context and natural settings, through holistic, evidence-based, multidisciplinary assessment.

To achieve positive outcomes for your child, through the delivery of family-centred intervention, tailored to your child’s goals and natural environments.

To empower, support and upskill families and other significant people, in order to maximise your child’s opportunity to successfully participate across all their environments, including home, school, sport and the wider community.

To use play-based, motivating therapy, based on your child’s functioning and interests, to create joy in learning new skills and routines.

Our support

Care Squared Kids offers cost-effective, comprehensive assessments, tailored plans and ongoing training to support your child’s strengths and needs. These plans are easy to use, realistic and achievable within their available funding plans.

We aim to make the allied health journey seamless and straightforward, with our range of personalised, mobile and fully accredited allied health services, all within the one place!

Our multidisciplinary team can work collaboratively with other health and support teams to support your child’s development and provide holistic care for children aged 0 to 6 years.

We can provide supports to your child throughout their life span from age 7 through to 65 via our broader Care Squared team.​

Our locations

Our services are available nationally, in all metro and many regional areas.

child development

Our values are…

Care Squared Value Collaboration


We work together with all stakeholders in the child’s life, including family members, health professionals and educators, to achieve positive outcomes.
Care Squared Values Families


We value families as equal partners in supporting the learning and development of a child.
Care Squared Values Evidence


Our clinicians are evidence-based practitioners who use the best available research, in conjunction with clinical expertise, to provide quality care to you and your child.
Care Squared Values Interactivity


We provide therapy to children and their families that is interactive, enjoyable and fun!

Care Squared Kids Services

occupational therapy for kids

Occupational Therapy

Care Squared Kids occupational therapists work with your child to achieve everyday goals and independence. We work with children to maintain, regain or improve their independence and participate in everyday tasks and leisure activities.

Our services include play-based interventions to help your child reach their developmental milestones and increase independence in activities of daily living. Our occupational therapists can also assist with home access, mobility, assistive technologies and much more.

psychology for kids


Care Squared Kids Psychologists support your child’s behaviour, development, mental health and emotional wellbeing.

We provide fun and effective individualised and evidence-based treatment approaches for intellectual or cognitive difficulties, learning disorders, Autism Spectrum Disorders and mental health challenges like anxiety, depression and stress management.

speech pathology for kids

Speech Pathology

Care Squared Kids Speech Pathologists work with children to enhance communication, social interaction and mealtime success.

We work on the goals important to your child and you whether that is improving speech clarity, having better conversations, learning new words and sentences, sending a text message or expanding their comprehension skills.

physiotherapy for kids


Care Squared Kids Physiotherapists are skilled in fun ways of enhancing mobility and motor function.

We support children to improve a range of conditions through movement and exercise, manual therapy, education and enjoyment through moving!

We can provide support for pain management, recovery and disease prevention to enable independence for as long as possible.

Our Multi-Disciplinary Approach

Children with support needs often benefit from a coordinated care approach, that is consistent and seamless to transition between health professionals, facilities and other supports. Our multi-disciplinary team work together to form a holistic, evidence-based collaborative assessment and intervention plan that meets your child’s needs as well as your family’s preferences.

Here’s how it works:

What the team will do
Intake Assessment

Our multidisciplinary team will complete an initial assessment with your child and family, with one key representative.

Following this, further assessment may be needed, either collaboratively or by specific therapists in the team. A clinical meeting is then held by the team to synthesise results.


Holistic assessment


Reduced need for you to repeat your child’s history and essential information


Richer clinical investigation


Clear identification of current priorities for your child

Tailored Report

An initial, in-depth report of your child’s strengths, challenges, goals and unique context.

Contributions from each member of your child’s multidisciplinary team will be pulled together to provide the team’s recommendations, based on your goals and priorities.


One report that assists parents to gain a greater understanding of their child's overall development and the areas requiring support.


No juggling of recommendations from various professionals


Simple, easy-to-understand ‘next steps’ for your family

Treatment Plan and Intervention
The team will collectively design integrated strategies and goals that are individualised to your child’s needs. You will be provided with a written plan for the recommended intervention, which you can discuss and negotiate with the team.

One tailored plan for your child that includes integrated resources, goals and instruction.


A copy of the agreed intervention plan, which you can share with key people in your child’s life and use to chart progress.


Simple, easy-to-understand ‘next steps’ for your family

Ongoing Assessment and Reports

Ongoing assessment will be conducted, as needed, based on your child’s progress and growth. Reporting of your child’s new development includes updates on their current goals, challenges and achievements, and can be completed by the multidisciplinary team or by individual disciplines, depending on growth trajectory and needs.

Specially tailored reports can also be requested to meet funding requirements or assist with diagnostic investigations.


Updated holistic reports that demonstrate your child’s progress and goal attainment.


Options for reporting, based on what you need at the time.


Specialised reports for funding reviews and diagnostic investigation.

Support your child and enhance their life

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