• Positive Behaviour Support

    Behavioural support practitioners work with people to help them understand and reduce behaviours that may cause harm to themselves or others.

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What We Do

Care Squared’s behaviour support practitioners work with participants to build skills that help you change challenging behaviours into positive ones and improve your quality of life.

Our practitioners will work with you to assess your functional behaviours. Using this information, as well as evidence-based behaviour strategies, we will develop an individualised behaviour support plan to help you reduce behaviours of concern.

Strategies typically include things like building routines, teaching helpful behaviours and responses, as well as techniques for self-soothing and psycho-education. Support teams are also given training in order to help you implement your new plan and minimise use of restrictive practice, with our practitioners continuing to monitor to ensure your desired outcomes are achieved.

Our behavioural support therapists are able to work with participants in a number of settings in regional and city centres, including at home, school, community location or via telehealth. Our services are provided in line with the NDIS pricing arrangements, meaning there’s no gap fee.


Ways We Can Help:

  • Assess and provide individualised behaviour support plans
  • Provide one-to-one intervention with you to develop relevant skills, such as emotional regulation
  • Provide stakeholder training to facilitate a unified approach to managing any behaviours of concern
  • Educate and provide support around navigating legislative requirements associated with restrictive practices
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