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Published: 9 November 2022, 11:36 AM

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Stakeholder Feedback

Inviting and responding to Stakeholder Feedback is central to Humanity Health Group’s values and is essential to build better relationships and services.

The Stakeholder Feedback Policy outlines the business commitment, objectives and expectations when it comes to Stakeholder Feedback.

Processes relevant to this policy: Feedback Management

1.0 Commitment

Humanity Health Group uphold the right of any person to provide feedback about services delivered by Humanity Health Group and related businesses.

Stakeholder Feedback is welcome because it allows the celebration of good work when feedback is positive, the correction of errors when feedback is negative, and the improvement of services so that they better align with customer and participant need.

2.0   Responsibilities

All staff must pass on feedback, even if it is a complaint about them, using the incident management system.

Risk Officer or Chief Governance Officer is responsible for responding to serious or governance related complaints (eg. a Participant says that the Privacy Policy on our website could not be accessed and they have concerns about how their data will be stored).

All Line Managers are responsible for responding to case-related complaints (eg. a Participant is upset because she received a report which she believes is inaccurate).

Partnerships Managers are responsible for responding to ‘Business Customer’ complaints related to more than one case (eg. a Support Coordinator is happy with the timeliness of services in metro areas however dissatisfied with how quickly regional Participants are being supported)

3.0   Principles of Feedback Management

Humanity Health Group is committed to the following principles when it comes to feedback:

  • Feedback is welcome and an opportunity to listen to and improve the relationship with a stakeholder
  • People who provide feedback are entitled to do so via, or with the support of, an advocate or other support person
  • Positive feedback is celebrated with the team to boost morale and promote great work
  • Feedback is logged and managed according to the Feedback Management Process
  • Feedback, which could indicate misconduct or system weaknesses, is investigated
  • Investigation of complaints is an impartial process and staff whom have had a complaint made about them will have opportunity to respond to the complaint
  • The focus of complaint resolution will often be on finding a satisfactory outcome for the complainant, rather than determining who’s version of events is correct
  • Feedback that results in the identification of a notifiable incident or misconduct will be reported to the appropriate external body

4.0   How we Manage Feedback

All stakeholders have a right to provide feedback including making a complaint.

Humanity Health Group has an established Feedback Management Process and System which is summarised for external stakeholders below:

  1. Any person can provide feedback via a Humanity Health Group Staff Member or via one of our websites
  2. Feedback will be submitted into our Feedback Management System
  3. Depending on who can best investigate and respond to the complaint it will be assigned to a Manager, a Partnerships Manager or the Governance team
  4. The delegated Humanity health Group Manager will resolve the complaint including conducting any investigation and implementing corrective actions and/or recommending system improvements and/or making external notifications
  5. The stakeholder making the complaint will be communicated with along the way to the extent needed and proportionately to the nature of the complaint and with consideration of their expressed desire to be informed of outcomes or not

5.0   Anonymous Feedback

Feedback can be provided anonymously by calling the Care Squad or on our Feedback web-page.

Note that if you wish to remain anonymous then this may reduce our capacity to clarify your concern, fairly investigate your complaint and respond to your unmet need. For this reason we encourage stakeholders to consider disclosing their identify when making a complaint.

6.0   Breach of policy

As is the case with all of Humanity Health Group’s policies, failure of staff to comply with this Policy may result in disciplinary action, leading up to and including, termination of employment.

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