• Dance & Movement Therapy

    Dance is a wonderful form of physical exercise that encourages self-expression and social interactions. It is an artform, different dance styles provoke different emotions all while encouraging physical health and well-being. Our Dance Connect goal is to provide a safe and supportive dance class that is suitable for people of all skill level, ability and mobility.

Dance Connect will encourage:

  • Social interactions
  • Musicality
  • Self-discipline
  • Physical exercise
  • Performance opportunities
  • Enjoyment
  • Physical exercise


Dancing encourages students to challenge themselves, it is an artform where improvement can be easily seen and consequently celebrated and acknowledged by the class. All Participants have different strengths, dance provides an opportunity to identify new strengths that may not have been previously known. On top of all of this dance utilises repetitive movements that support Participants to easily remember combinations that can be expanded on as the sessions progress.

Dance classes encourage expression through non verbal actions and offers a nonverbal option to communication and build relationships. Emotional expression can also be a challenge, expressing oneself through dance promotes the exploration of different emotions in a safe and supportive environment through the use of different music styles that challenge the students to think about the music and what feelings it evokes in them.

Dancing is a wonderful option for exercise. Dance Connect classes will be tailored to suit the individual’s mobility needs, and physical capabilities. The goal of Dance Connect is to encourage movement and exercise for everyone involved, Dance Connect will not discriminate against dance capability but aims to ensure everyone is moving and enjoying themselves.



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