• Yoga & Mindfulness

    Yoga is the activity of breath work and physical exercises for the benefit of individual health

Yoga can benefit a participant both physically, mentally as well as spiritually. Yoga can also benefit an individual with chronic health concerns and mobility issues as it can be practiced from a seated position or from a wheelchair.


Often coupled with mediations, yoga can have many benefits including:

  • Stress relief
  • Improved sleep
  • Chronic pain relief
  • Muscle strength and toning
  • Reduces weight
  • Balance and flexibility
  • Mind-body connection

The beauty of mindfulness is that it can be what ever you like or whatever works best for you. It is not limited to a particular group of people or a particular time or space; it is accepting of anyone who wants to give it a go. Mindfulness practice offers participants the opportunity to experience new things in their life, or old things in a new way.


Learning and practising mindfulness allows participants to unplug from a constant state of existing in the futures or the past which can help reduce feelings and symptoms of anxiety, stress and depression. It can also help improve life in general by boosting our shifting our focus to positive experiences and allowing participants to live in the moment by paying attention to what matters at that time. It allows the chance to learn new skills, to enhance positive experiences and to better manage the stress of negative ones.



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