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    Speech pathologists are experts in communication and swallowing and can assist in meeting your communication and swallowing needs.

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What We Do

Care Squared’s speech pathologists work with a range of people who have difficulty communicating because of developmental delays, brain injuries, learning disabilities, intellectual disability, cerebral palsy, hearing, stroke or other conditions that affect speech and language. We will assess how you currently communicate and/or swallow and other areas where you are looking for support.

We will work with you to develop a treatment plan that’s based on your individual goals, whether you wish to speak more clearly, construct better text messages, minimise risks and build skills in eating or drinking, or build social and interpersonal skills.

Our speech pathologists run paediatric and adult services in city and regional centres across Australia. We also offer telehealth services.

How We Can Help:
  • Improve your speech sounds and speech difficulties (dysphasia)
  • Improve your hearing and listening skills
  • Help you plan, problem solve and better organise your thoughts
  • Build confidence as a communicator
  • Help you better understand body language (social skills)
  • Improve your story-telling skills
  • Help you minimise risks with eating and drinking

Positive improved communication can assist with:

  • Speech sounds
  • using words and grammar to make sentences
  • telling stories
  • comprehending information
  • following instructions
  • understanding social skills, humour and sarcasm
  • organising thoughts
  • problem solving and planning
  • speaking fluently
  • using the muscles of the mouth, face and neck
  • hearing and listening skills
  • interpreting body language and facial skills as well as other problems that affect speech and language.
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