Caring for a loved one is a rewarding experience, but it can also be challenging, especially if you have found yourself the primary carer with no prior experience.  

Care Squared Connect recognise the need for providing carers support as they navigate the carer journey so have created a program specifically designed to educate carers on the journey of sustained self-care.  

The Care for Carers program is a group-based program run by Care Squared’s team of allied health professionals. The program provides attendees with education and psychological tools to support them while navigating their carer journey.  

The program is scheduled to launch in Sydney in November 2023, with a planned roll out around the country over the coming months. The initial program will be hosted by Fred Cicchini, psychologist and Group CEO of the Humanity Health Group. 

The course will cover themes such as: 

  • Communicating needs effectively 
  • Managing conflict and assertive effective negotiation 
  • Carer care and avoiding the perils of burn out 
  • Building a functional, proactive support network whilst future proofing the needs of the family. 

Eligible participants may be eligible to access Medicare funding with no hap payment and no out of pocket requirement. 

This unique and supportive program provides a foundation of sustained self-care and is the ideal accompaniment for those already seeking support.