The summer period can be a busy time with end of year events, family visits and holiday time. Here are our five top tips for ensuring you stay on top of your NDIS goals over Christmas: 

Talk to your clinician 

Talking to your clinician about your holiday plans is the best way to ensure you don’t miss your intervention over the Christmas break.  You may have already heard from your clinicians but if they missed you, reach out to them to advise them if you are planning time away.  

 If your clinician is going on leave, they will advise you how they will help you manage your appointments during their holiday time. They will either suggest a replacement clinician during their break, offer a check in phone call or to reschedule your appointment for when they are back at work.  

Care Squad 

Our Care Squad will be available on all business days over the holiday period. If you have any question about or need to reschedule an appointment, please contact the Squad. They will assist you in rearranging your calendar. 

 Care Squared clinicians will also be working over the holiday period. If you have arranged to continue your appointments over the break, a clinician will be available to attend the appointment. 

 Accessible social activities 

If you’re looking to reach out and connect with people over the break, Care Squared Connect have a range of social, capacity building events available to all new and existing Care Squared participants and carers. 

You can find a full calendar of our upcoming events and programs on the Care Squared website.  


Food and alcohol 

 Being around family, friends and delicious food (and drinks) goes hand in hand with the holiday period. Despite all efforts, managing your diet over this time can be challenging. 

 If you find you are having trouble managing your diet over this time and would like to start the new year with guidance on meal planning or other nutritional advice, our dietitians can help you plan for a healthier 2023.  



Programs for carers and support coordinators 

 Care Squared believe the best approach to treatment is offering care and support to all people in the NDIS community. Because of this, we have launched educational programs for carers and support coordinators so they can upskill on how to support loved ones in their care. 

 The best way for your support team to help you prepare for changes in your treatment is to help them understand how to manage your support.


 By planning ahead, you and your support team can enjoy the summer break with your family and be confident that you will remain on track to reach your goals.