Kelly Winwood-Lanham is a provisional psychologist with Humanity Health Group across Care Squared and Back2Work. To expand her clinical skills, Kelly has been working with the Care Squared Connect team, delivering Connect programs.

Earlier this year, Kelly assisted with the running of the Care Squared Connect and Humanity Code Play of the Day program.

What is Play of the Day?

Play of the Day is an exciting sport-based program for NDIS participants that inspires growth through sport.

The program is run in conjunction with elite sports clubs, making use of Humanity Code accelerators and their training in sports psychology to support participants by providing strategies to build on their physical abilities and resilience skills.

Visit the Care Squared website to learn more about Play of the Day.


What is Care Squared Connect?

Care Squared Connect facilitates allied health, unique, expressive and fun group programs with a clear focus on goal attainment, achieving social and community outcomes and functional improvement for NDIS Participants.

The programs are designed to empower individuals to develop their skills and confidence in a safe, accessible space.

Care Squared Connect runs programs in:

  • Art therapy
  • Music therapy
  • Social skill programs
  • Connections & Relationships
  • Exercise, sports and activity programs
  • Dance and Movement
  • Play therapy
  • Foodies and cooking programs, and many more.
Learn more about Care Squared Connect