If you’re coming to the end of your current NDIS plan, or you have been advised to update your NDIS goals, you may need to have a functional capacity assessment. We have explained the purpose of a functional capacity assessment to help you understand why you may need one and how to find the right clinician to help you.

What is a functional capacity assessment?

Occupational therapy functional capacity assessments are used by occupational therapists to assess a person’s capacity to perform activities of daily living, including self-care and general day-to-day activities. The assessment can identify any barriers or issues you have completing tasks. They can also help to determine the level of support and services you require to achieve your goals and participate in the community.

Under the NDIS, occupational therapy functional capacity assessments involve a comprehensive assessment of your functional capacity across multiple areas, including:
• self-care
• mobility
• communication, and
• participation in daily activities.

What does a functional capacity assessment involve?

The assessment is tailored to your specific needs and goals and may involve:
• observing you performing various tasks
• interviewing you and your support network, and
• using standardized assessment tools.

Once the assessment is complete, the occupational therapist will develop a report detailing your functional capacity, including any areas of strengths and limitations, and any barriers you may have participating in daily activities. The report is then used to inform the development or reassessment of your NDIS plan.

OT FCAs play a key role in managing your NDIS plan by providing a comprehensive assessment of your functional capacity and identifying the support and services that you require to achieve your goals and participate in the community.

Care Squared have occupational therapy services across Australia. We service most metropolitan and large regional centres. We also provide OT services to smaller regional centres via our Regional Outreach Program and telehealth.

If you need a functional capacity assessment or if you would like to review the goals outlined in your NDIS plan, reach out to our occupational therapy team on our website or via 1300 632 639.