Care Squared Connect is changing! Not only do we have a fresh, new look, but we’re rolling out a number of new programs that provide new opportunities to learn new skills, build confidence and work toward your capacity-building goals.

Program structure

We’ve listened to our participants’ feedback and are introducing new delivery options to make it easier to plan attendance and for those who prefer shortened or condensed delivery.

Our new delivery options include:

  • Group programs
  • One-on-one programs
  • One-day workshops

Our group programs will run for 6 or 8 weeks, depending on the chosen program. The extended group-based programs are designed for people who want to make the most of the program content by learning from the other group members. Group programs will be run in face-to-face sessions or online for those who can not access the group program locations.

The one-on-one (1:1) programs include the same content as the group programs but are for people who prefer to work directly with the clinician or for those who live in a regional area where they may not have access to the group programs and workshops. One-on-one sessions can be conducted face-to-face or online.

Our new one-day workshops will focus on one or two themes in detail to provide attendees with an intensive dive into their chosen topic or activity.

 Updated programs for school kids

Our increased range of offerings includes exciting new programs for school-aged participants. The new look programs build fun and social connection into capacity building.

See Fun2Thrive for more information about our afterschool program – register for the term 2 program

Register for our next school holiday program

Plan in advance!

You will be able to plan your year in advance! The calendar of events will be released months in advance to provide you with the best opportunity to secure your spot in one of our programs.

With a focus on our educational programs, there are more opportunities for learning, personal growth, and social connections while working towards achieving your NDIS goals.

Try something new each term!

Capacity building and goal attainment

As with all Care Squared and Care Squared Connect services, the programs have been developed and are delivered by accredited APRHA allied health clinicians. At the completion of every program, all participants receive a progress summary letter that provides an overview of progress attained during the program and can be used as a guide for future NDIS activities.

Program pricing

At Care Squared Connect, we know how important it is to manage your NDIS budget effectively to maximise the services available so we’ve included a pricing overview for each program, including the funding lines our programs can be funded under. You can also be assured that our pricing aligns with those set down in the NDIS Pricing Arrangements.

Why are we excited about it?

Here at Care Squared Connect, we are passionate about offering opportunities for participants to achieve their goals. We strive to provide an environment where people can feel comfortable, accepted, and free to share their thoughts and journey.

Our programs provide a place for participants to learn in a fun, social setting so that they can connect with others while working toward goal attainment.