Healthy relationships are the foundation of a happier more satisfied life. They have the potential to create contentment by adding meaning to our lives, decreasing stress levels and providing us with support. Healthy relationships also give us the opportunity to add value to our lives by creating the opportunity to give back to other people.

Relationships come in many forms, including connections with family, friends, romantic relationships and links we have with our support workers. While very important to all people, they can be tricky to navigate, particularly for neurodiverse people or people with disability.

Care Squared Connect’s Connections & Relationships program helps participants build confidence developing social and romantic relationships, guiding participants through the key skills needed to develop healthy, lasting relationships. The group format also provides an opportunity to create real connections and friendships with group members.

The program explores themes such as:

  • Existing relationships (family, support network, friends) and what they mean to us
  • Building confidence through improved communication and how to have meaningful interactions with others
  • Building self-esteem by recognising our strengths and what we can bring to a relationship
  • Changing relationships dynamics – moving from friend to partner
  • Understanding what health and respectful relationships look like and how to identify unhealthy relationships
  • Safety and consent
  • Appropriate displays of affection in public
  • Body parts, sexual feelings and attractions
  • Staying safe online.


Connections & Relationships is run by Care Squared team of registered psychologists who create a safe space to guide participants through conversations sensitively and respectfully.

The program runs in a variety of formats including an introductory program and an extension program for participants who would like to build on the skills they learnt in the introductory program. The program also runs in an adult or a teen format, with content and conversations tailored to the age and experiences of the group.

Programs run in a face to face format around the country or online for regional or remote participants.

Learn more about the Connections & Relationships program, including up coming dates, on the Care Squared Connect Connections & Relationships page.