Joining a new group can sometimes feel overwhelming, but the benefits of meeting new, likeminded people can give you skills that you can use in all areas of your life.

Here are six reasons why group therapy can help you build new skills and get more out of your life.

Social benefits: make new friends: You can never have too many friends, especially friends who understand you! Many people who meet in our programs develop friendships and connections that continue long after the program finishes. Connecting with like-minded people in your local area can you help build a supportive community outside of family.

Build your confidence in a social settingĀ : Meeting people in a group around a shared interest, such as sport, craft or cooking, can break social barriers that may exist in other settings. This icebreaker can help you develop more confidence interacting in a social setting and as your confidence builds, you will be more comfortable opening yourself to new, engaging social situations.

Improve your communication skills: We all have trouble expressing our thoughts and feelings in a positive and constructive way and this is something we can work on, regardless of who we are. Group therapies can help you build skills on how and when to communicate and what is the appropriate amount of information to share.

Understanding different points of view and the experiences of others: Hearing the experiences of others can broaden our view of the world around us and can also help us feel less alone.

Give and receive supportĀ : The moral support of a group can help us feel connected to the community around us. It gives us an opportunity to understand others and be a supportive friend. It also provides us the chance to share our experiences and receive support from people who can relate to us.

Be yourself in a safe environment: Emotional safety is important to everyone. Connecting to like-minded people who are respectful and honest provides us the opportunity to feel safe and secure. Group programs with people who are similar give us the opportunity to talk and socialise is a safe, harmonious environment.


If you or someone you know is looking to connect to like-minded people while learning new skills or exploring new interests, go to our Care Squared Connect page to learn more about our group programs or contact our Care Squad on 1300 632 639. The Care Squad can talk you through the various group programs we have available in your area.


DID YOU KNOW: Group therapies that contribute to skill building can be funded under the capacity building budget in your NDIS plan.