People often think of speech therapy (or speech pathology) when someone they know has difficulty forming their words. While this is absolutely something speech pathologists support, there is so much more this group of allied health professionals can do in the NDIS space.

Speech pathologists evaluate, diagnose and provide treatment for a wide range of communication and swallowing disorders, and support NDIS participants to achieve their goals and live a more independent life.

To better understand how speech therapy could benefit an NDIS participant, think of all the everyday activities that involve understanding, using words, thinking, sharing, interacting, eating and drinking. Things like:

  • ordering a coffee (just the way you like it)
  • taking a phone message
  • telling a story about something that happened to you today
  • learning new words (there’s always something new to know: humblebrag, selfie, chillax…)
  • comforting a friend
  • having a tricky conversation with a colleague, teacher, shop assistant or friend
  • swallowing nightly medication
  • grabbing a quick snack on the run
  • sitting down for dinner with friends or family.

These activities can prove challenging (or feel completely impossible) for some people.

Care Squared speech pathology services offer NDIS participants a practical approach to finding solutions, building skills, and tackling communication and mealtime difficulties. It is this real-world and hands-on approach that sets our service apart.

For some people, simply getting started with communication is the key. Language stimulation, team education and engaging with additional or alternate methods of communication like symbols, pictures, sign language and devices, can be supported by Care Squared speech pathologists. Connecting with other specialist service providers (e.g. for device trials) ensures optimal success and team-based implementation.

Other NDIS participants may want to improve their reading skills or the way they pronounce words. They might want to organise their thoughts to be clearer when speaking, increase their vocabulary, enhance social skills or expand their range of communication functions.

The overall aims of Care Squared speech therapy services are always to develop as much independence and confidence in communicating and mealtimes, as possible. Therapists are skilled in determining the small, incremental steps needed to achieve big goals – and love celebrating every small gain with individuals and their important others!

Assessment, analysis and treatment plans follow quality, scientific evidence, with clinical expertise used to ensure goals always centre around what’s most important to the individual or their family. Care Squared’s multidisciplinary team prioritise holistic care, which means we have access to a wide range of health professionals including occupational therapists, psychologists and physiotherapists. Alternatively, we work with existing service providers if that is preferred. We make sure information sharing is timely and clear, and Care Squared processes are transparent.

To find out more about Care Squared’s Speech Pathology Services call our friendly Care Squad on 1300 63 26 39 or go to our Services page on our website