Capacity building is the process of building skills, knowledge and resources to improve your ability to achieve your goals. It is an ongoing process that involves continuous learning and growth.

Capacity building programs are designed to help individuals with disability develop skills and abilities that can enhance their independence, improve their quality of life and reach their NDIS goals.

Under the NDIS, capacity building programs can be funded through the Capacity Building budget. This budget includes a range of supports that aim to build the skills, knowledge, function and independence of people with disability. Examples of capacity building supports that may be funded under the NDIS include:

  • Daily Activity: This support can help individuals with assessment, training or therapy to increase independence and community participation.
  • Home living: This support can help individuals to live more independently, such as by providing assistance with finding and setting up suitable accommodation.
  • Social and Community Participation: This support can help individuals to engage more fully in their local community and participate in activities that are meaningful to them.
  • Health and Wellbeing: This support can help individuals with disability to improve their physical and mental health, such as through exercise programs or therapy.

To access funding for capacity building programs under the NDIS, individuals need to have a capacity building budget included in their NDIS plan to assist them to work towards their goals.

Care Squared Connect offer a number of group or individual programs that can be funded under Capacity Building, including:

Daily Activity:

Social and Community Participation

Health and Wellbeing



You can learn more about the benefits of our Care Squared Connect programs on our website. Or, contact our Care Squad on 1300 632 639.